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Female Vigilante Series – Tibet Small – Five Published Series

A series about Tibet Small (Tiby), a young hippy girl who escapes a terrible hippy situation, endures the challenges of living on the streets, only to be rescued by a Martial Arts Champion. After maturing in that environment, she takes a security job in the Middle East but is forced to leave because of a lethal love triangle. Tiby joins John Pope, who runs a small team of well-structured and funded vigilantes. As she ingratiates herself into the group, of which several ride motorcycles as she does herself, Tiby finds she is caught again in multiple love triangles with both male and female associates. The series takes her through several deadly situations, where her physical and mental abilities are put through the toughest tests. This is an Action/Romance story involving Bikers, Vigilantes, Straight & Lesbian couples trying to offer justice without the confines of the law. Some stories involve human trafficking which is a serious challenge today.

These were written with a TV Series in mind, with no filler but a lot of emotion, a minimum of settings, and would be easy to produce. There is so much action; readers usually read the novellas straight through. This is not a fantasy action series, but events and actions that could be real and actually happen today.