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3 Days & 3 Nights

The greatest story ever told just got greater!

Logline: After being drawn together by the visions of a 14 year-old girl, seven strangers join forces to uncover one of the greatest mysteries the world has ever known; the truth of what actually occurred during the three days and three nights Jesus Christ lay sealed in the tomb.

Synopsis: 3 Days & 3 Nights is the untold story of Christ’s own prophecy, which reads: “. . . as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth!” This epic movie reveals the true reason why Christ came to this earth. For the first time ever in the history of Jesus Christ, people will discover that the Lord didn’t just lay dormant in a tomb. Christ’s greatest feat in the spirit came from a tomb that was sealed, monitored, and guarded by Roman soldiers. Everyone who has ever heard the story of Christ, have been conditioned to believe that the greatest story ever told just somehow stopped after Christ died, and began again after he rose from the dead.

This untold, story of Jesus Christ goes deeper and further than ever before. This movie uncovers what actually took place in Christ’s tomb, under the earth, during those three days and three nights. In truth, death was a doorway to mankind’s new beginning. The wonder of this incredible story proves to the world that the death of Christ was not the end of the greatest story ever told, but the beginning. This untold story of Christ not only reveals how Christ defeated both hell and death in one fell swoop; but tells how a “sinless Christ” was able to get in and out of hell.

After 14 year-old Abigail begins having visions of ancient biblical days; her father (Teddy) feels the need to make this known to his local pastor. After Reverend Daniels tells the father of his own encounters with the Lord, they come to believe that something more than a simple vision is astir. After Pastor Daniels calls on a friend and biblical expert Dr. Lieberman, a Dean from Wheaton College, they quickly agree that what is happening to Abigail appears to be something much greater than a visitation. After meeting at Teddy’s home, the seven find that they must put all of their talents and knowledge to use in order to find out what it is the Lord was trying to reveal to them.

Abigail is having visions of the prophet Noah building the ark, Jonah in the whale’s belly, and John the Baptist preaching and baptizing Christ at the river Jordan; as well as being allowed to peer into the eyes of the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos as he is writing the Book of Revelation. Abigail talks with the Lord after he had been tempted of the devil and is nigh unto death. The team discovers that the chamber of hell, which was designed by God, was one of three places that not even God himself could go. The Anointed Seven uncovers the real reason why God had to send his only begotten Son; but more importantly, the Lord reveals to them what he was actually sent to do while in hell.

Satan sends his band of demons, under the watchful eyes of Beelzebub and Abaddon to gather up the Lord’s soul the moment he died on the cross. Believing that his victory over heaven was nigh, Satan gathers his band of demons for one last pep rally. While he is praising himself, and speaking of what he thinks he has won, Christ rises in glory, and suddenly the chambers of hell are surrounded by a host of heavenly angels, led by none other than the arch angel Michael. After capturing the keys to hell and death, the Lord gives a roll call for the Old Testament saints; freeing them and sending them home in the joy of the Lord. Witness the joyful hearts of the saints, as God’s eternal love is seen radiating all throughout this screenplay like never before.