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An abused pre-teen runs away from home and the nightmares & vultures claw of psychotic abuse from hi

I represent Alicia Allen, and Executive Branch Entertainment Group. Alicia is the author of several spectacular screenplays. We admire your work and understand that you are open to considering unsolicited material.
At the moment we are focusing on NIGHTMARES & VULTURES, which is an Urban Crime/Drama movie Based on the novel, NIGHTMARES & VULTURES by Eriel Rivera.

NIGHTMARES & VULTURES explores the core route of all things, both socially as well as psychologically, wrong in the “HOOD” and how it takes innocent children and it turns them into societies worst nightmare.
The main character, EXODUS, a child from The Bronx NY., endures some of the most psychotic mental and physical abuse anyone can imagine, from his step-father, STALIN. At the age of twelve, EXODUS builds up enough courage to run away from home. He then lives on the streets of N.Y. and is ultimately rescued by a drug king pens girlfriend and introduced to a lifestyle of crime.
EXODUS took to the drug game and began to excel. After a shoot-out in the Bronx in broad daylight with a rival drug gang, he is arrested and sent away to a number of juvenile correctional facilities in the city as well as upstate N.Y. There he faces more abuse at the hands of the same people put in place to protect juveniles. These vultures are the officers and counselors working within the juvenile facilities. Upon his release he reconnects with his old crew and they begin to take over the streets of the Bronx, with EXODUS at the helm. There being ‘no honor among thieves’, EXODUS is betrayed by one of his crew members which ends up costing the lives of his girlfriend and sister.
With such a tragic turn of events, as well as bloodshed and revenge, Exodus leaves the Bronx with nothing else but a duffel bag with over $100k cash and a one-way Greyhound ticket to Niagara Falls N.Y. It won’t be long before Exodus finds himself back knee deep in the game, and knee deep in betrayal, bloodshed and revenge.
EXODUS is forced to leave Niagara Falls and return to the city when he is informed by his lawyer that there are open warrants for him in the city and that he should answer them. After turning himself in, EXODUS is sent to Rikers Island to do a year, however after the heinous violence associated with becoming one of the founding members of the notorious Blood Gang, he ends up doing 9 years in Attica SHU, 15 years all together in NY State Correctional Facilities.
Working as a drug counselor, EXODUS now has the ability to see his destruction first hand, up-close and personal. With years of hurt and pain Exodus begins the process of healing by forgiving himself first then by seeking the forgiveness of others.
This story goes beyond the bright lights of the city streets. It delves into family, love, and relationships as well as mental illness, murder and mayhem. It questions one’s sanity and innocence as well as one’s ability to be downright evil. Laying in a pool of his own blood, war, torture and revenge bring EXODUS to see that the real nightmare is the pain you cause others.
Alongside a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio, Television and Film from Howard University, Alicia Allen has gained a high degree of practical experience over the years on a wide variety of creative projects. She is an integral part of the docu-series reality based world. Her credits include working in such positions as junior production manager, assistant production office coordinator, key office production assistant for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, production coordinator for The Real Housewives of Potomac, and story editor for Leave It to Stevie and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Special Delivery. She is equally comfortable in conceptualizing bodies of work as she has written original screenplays A Thing to Accept and The Matthew's Clan, and is presently working on two television pilots, a screenplay, and a book adaptation. Her creative mind is employed to help shed light on or solve difficult subject matter, break down topics to a comprehensible narrative, and craft the plan of a strategic solution. Because of this, Allen directed Hurt People, Hurt People and served in as consultant on a project Learned Lesson.
Alicia is adept in adapting novels, Mafietta by E.W. Brooks and Nightmare and Vultures by Eric Rivera to feature films. She has a firm and invaluable knowledge of post-production language, codes and workflows. Importantly, Allen’s interpersonal skills, enjoyment and grace in collaboration, and understanding of workflows and vendors enables a smooth pre and post production experience. Most notably and on a more personal note, it is Alicia’s cultivated love for story to help realize a production's full potential that truly sets her apart.

I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience.