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The Diary of A Ghost (Horror/Fantasy Fiction)

The Diary of a Ghost

Logline: Abandoned by her father and mistreated by her mother, poor little rich Ruby Rhodes soon finds herself trapped in the spirit world fighting demons, making deals with the devil, and playing the heroine to a family in peril; all while trying to get home to save her own family from looming disaster.

Synopsis: With a wealthy couple on the brink of divorce, they soon find themselves fighting with one another over money, space, and the legal rights to their twelve-year-old daughter. The parent’s volatile relationship sets off a chain of events that lead to betrayal, immorality, murder, and even demon possession.

Twelve year-old Ruby, who is caught in the middle of her parent’s marital war, makes a deal with the devil to save the family she loves. After being told the dad she loves has abandoned her, the once loved and cherished life she had is quickly turned upside down and begins to fall apart. Her mom, who struggles to try to find solace with her wayward lifestyle, is soon overtaken by her pain, greed, and her feminine emotions, which ultimately forces her into a life of promiscuity.

Ruby, a witty and sarcastically funny young pre-ten, is forced to draw upon her youthful intellect and spiritual wisdom she received from an old Indian lady. To help her make it through this terrible ordeal, Old Lady Tetaka sends her into the spirit realm, to the place of the undead to protect her. After Ruby saves the lives of an innocent family who is in danger of certain death, she is set free to finally return home to her world. But once she awakens in her bed and sees her parent’s faces, she quickly realizes that the deadly nightmare, which she has been trying so desperately to escape, has only just begun!

I did both my graduate and bachelor’s program in business management at Northwood University. I served 12 years in the U.S. Army. My author credits include the novels: Paganini & The Curse of the Trumpet, The Corporate Genius, and The Whipping Man. I am also the author of five non-fiction Christian inspirational books; The Impossible Way Trilogy, (The Way, The Truth, & The Life), Pain: A Force of Nature, and The Commandments of Love. If what you have read parallels with your desire to view my completed screenplay, then I would be delighted to remit a copy in its entirety, to your care.


Marcus A Allen
Pastor and Founder
World Overcomers Faith Ministry
Ph. 734-578-4718