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THE PUBLIC DEFENDER (feature film or cable series pilot)

You’ve been searching for the one script you couldn’t turn down. Is this it? Take a look at the logline and see…
“The Public Defender”
A raw, in-your-face drama of an idealistic, ex-Navy-SEAL lawyer who must over-come his post-war depression and a bitter divorce for a second-chance at a job with a Public Defender’s Office in a backward Florida county; where a power-mad judge, who believes murder is just another form of out-of-court settlement, has created a fool-proof criminal enterprise to make him and his corrupt Bar Association rich.
Script works as sequel-rich feature or as pilot for cable/TV.
Rated: “R”
Spec script: 118 pages
Author: Michael Tewell, Attorney
Palm Harbor, Fla.
J.D. George Washington University Law School
M.A. Kent State University
(No B.A. admitted into grad school after sophomore year)
25 years Assistant Public Defender (retired)
Over 150 jury trials including homicides and other serious cases.
Is this the one? You know the ‘devil is in the details” so take a look at the script. I would love to share it with you.