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Farthest From The Sun...the making of a paedophile

Farthest from the Sun shows a frank sympathy for paedophiles, but no sympathy whatever to the abuse of children. It follows the life of an abused boy who, via a well- documented psychological route, becomes an abuser himself in adulthood. This is a moral man who loathes what he has become and fights it as hard as he is able, which includes seeking professional help. There is however no cure for this condition, only constant temptation, so as he says:
“If you or anyone thinks you could go your entire life ignoring what you are and how you were made, then thank, thank whatever smug, fat god it is you pray to that you will never have to try! “
Paedophiles are never represented as victims of childhood abuse themselves, only as monsters inflicting abuse, when but for chance anyone of us could have become a victim. If a hundred reasons are offered why society should tolerate gay men and women, one is that they did not choose to be what they are and another that they do no harm. Both of those do not apply to paedophiles, but the first most usually does, only that is never represented in drama and we are a poorer society for that.