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LIvingstone Stanley....English tradition clashes with American chutzpah

Livingstone Stanley
A sit-com with three completed episodes
Henry Morton Stanley M.A. Cantab., founder and director of Morton Stanley’s England, an educational centre for elderly American tourists wishing to acquaint themselves with the finer points of English culture, faces a hostile take-over from Olde Englande Tours Chicago Inc., represented by Emma Livingstone, a specialist in teenage tours. In his chaotic attempts to sabotage her chances of success, Henry is ineptly aided by his loyal assistants Hilary Wooton Weeks, a blue stocking, who “couldn’t organise an orgy in a brothel”, and Eric Slowbottom, a gay ex-actor with a crush on a replica of Michael Angelo’s David. The mayhem that ensues includes an armed robbery at Blenheim Palace, foiled by the Cow Roast Baptist Ladies Rifle Club of Montana, and an intrusion of a Japanese client into a live performance of Hamlet at the RSC dressed as a Viking.