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Four friends having way to much fun on a fishing trip.

Adapted from the book The Last Fishing Trip by Michael Manuel.


Jeff Bentley and his long time friends Chip and Ben, residents of Marietta Georgia, are heading to Panama City Florida for their annual fishing trip. However, this time they will be taking along their new neighbor, Frankie. A bit younger than the others, the handsome 34 year old is a car salesman for Mercedes. Trouble starts when Jeff's car throws a fan belt on a back road and they are forced to stay at the New-Key Motel in rural Alabama. That night they end up at the Red Rooster, the local honky- tonk where women call men from out of town "fresh meat." After several pitchers of beer, a little dancing, and a bar fight, Sandy, one of the four women they spent the evening with, decides to take Frankie home. She assumes it won't be a problem because her truck driving husband Killer, is on the road.
Frankie ends up spending half the night under the bed while Killer, the big bruiser, bangs Sandy. Frankie manages to escape in his underwear, but Killer finds Frankie's pants and shoes and goes berserk. After a long chase, Jeff's car blows a tire and pulls onto the shoulder. Killer does the same in his 18 wheeler. While holding all 4 guys at gun point, his truck starts sinking on the soft shoulder. The truck appears to fall on Killer, and the guys, thinking he is dead, make a hasty retreat.
Killer (a little banged up) returns home in what is left of his dilapidated trailer-rig and forces Sandy to tell where the guys were heading. "All I know is Panama City" she swears. Then as luck would have it, he finds a flyer for the Gulf Winds Motel, in the pocket of Frankie's abandoned pants. Killer, in hot pursuit, is pulled over by Highway Patrolman Lance Grub, who is just trying to make it to his retirement. Killer, by now an enraged lunatic, backs his dilapidated rig over the front of Officer Grub's patrol car, then takes off, losing half his ear when Officer Grub fires a shot at him.
Meanwhile the guys check in at the Gulf Winds Motel, and head straight to the Pink Cadillac for little entertainment. Soon enough they are sharing a table with four women. Frankie, is dancing with DeeDee who seems to be enjoying his advances. Ben meets Jen, a nurse he's very attracted to. Earlier he had confided to Jeff that he had filed for a divorce from his unstable wife Mary who is having serious anger problems.
The following morning Officer Grub loses his new patrol car in a highway road block when Killer rams it and gets away. Back at the motel, the morning greets Frankie and DeeDee, in one room together and Ben and Jen in the other. Chip and Jeff are down on the pier fishing.

Back in Marietta when Jeff's wife Leigh gets a suspicious phone call from the New-Key Motel in Alabama about finding a ladies wrist watch in a room occupied by her husband she tells the other wives. "We need to make a surprise visit to Panama City to check on our husbands because they might be cheating on us." They drive all night, arriving in the early morning.

Frankie lucks out. He spots the wives entering the parking lot and has time to run DeeDee off. Mary, Ben's wife, sees Jen leave his room as she goes to the drink machine. ln a rage, Mary grabs the yardman's hedge trimmer, enters the room, snips off half of Ben's penis, and then storms out with it. Jen, hearing Ben scream, runs to his aid making a tourniquet with a shoe string. Jeff and Chip are still fishing but all the others rush to Ben's room when they hear him scream. Unable to find the missing penis, they soon realize Mary has it and she is headed to the pier. Ben refuses to go to the hospital without the rest of his penis and runs after Mary.

At the pier Mary grabs a fishing rod, runs a hook through the penis part and casts it out. She hands the rod to Ben who is pleading with her. Ben is reeling in the part when a small sand shark takes it and runs with it. Jeff and Chip come to help Ben who finally collapses and is put into an ambulance and taken away with Jen. Jeff manages to land the shark and puts it in a cooler to take to the hospital as the local police take Mary away.

Later back at the motel, Jeff tells the wives to check in while they go to the hospital to check on Ben. As the guys pull out, they are unaware that they are being followed by Killer who was staking out the parking lot. As they drive along the beach highway, Officer Grub, also on a stakeout, spots Killer's truck and starts his own pursuit. When Killer bumps the back of their car, a high speed chase ensues, turning deadly for Killer when Jeff crosses two railroad tracks in front of a speeding train. Killer's truck is right behind Jeff's car so it is hit by the train and explodes in a ball of fire.
Officer Grub, thinking Killer was just running from him, stops on the adjacent track as the speeding train passes. Officer Grub walks toward several incoming backup officers. They start pointing in the direction