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Pitch: “Torch”

A Community College in New Haven, CT and the lives of students of all ages, e.g. just out of high school, night school, continuing education, foreign exchange students, from varied socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities always introducing new actors and bringing in known or older actors or cameos as commencement speakers. The campus has a practical skills diploma component so we meet students learning manufacturing skills, car repair, carpentry or sailing, for example.

Through Line: Self-Development in relation to social issues and philosophic themes of a wise or moral nature. Examples: a cyber-security student tempted to hack but discovers a plot he reports that redeems him/her, a student who becomes pregnant from on-campus rape, what must she do? Rom-com crushes, Sports and athletes struggles, Vignettes on life after graduation.

Main (consistent) Characters/Actors:
1. A humorously uptight Dean and his life outside of work.
2. A Teacher of Contemporary Social Issues who is open-minded and challenges controversies of the day; gender identity, environment, racism, war, poverty, etc.
3. A Biology Teacher, female and pretty of whom some students develop a crush. She challenges modern theories of science and asks the same of her students.
4. Renaissance History Teacher that includes the arts.
5. English Composition Teacher
6. Various Substitute Teachers

Other Suggestions: Film in Black & White (always or sometimes).
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