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The Dead Sea King - A Swashbuckling Adventure on The High Seas

One dreadful night, Captain Bartholomew Flint's crew is stolen by the Dead Sea King himself to man his ship for him during the day, as this evil being is unable to remain in the sunlight very long because it saps his power. Flint himself was caught in the Sea King's spell at first and would've been lost right along with the rest his crew, but he slipped on the rope ladder while preparing to board one of the jolly boats waiting below along with the others who were about to sail over to The Dead Sea King's foul ship, "The Sea Reaper".

As his spellbound crew makes their way over to the Dead Sea King's vessel, Flint is on the verge of drowning as his mind is still groggy from the Sea King's magic. But then suddenly, a dark figure who has been stowing away on board his ship, dives in after him. And this person was Madeline Blythe, the fiercest female piratess to ever live. She saves the captain from going under, then helps him to get back aboard his own ship again. Once the Captain's mind clears up somewhat, he and his heroic shipmate come up with a plan to try and save the captain's lost crew. However, they still need to pick up another crew to help with the daily running on the captain's own ship, "The H.M.S. Inescapable". And that is when all the fun starts.

The whole rest of the story then is about all the monsters they fight, tavern brawls they have and the evil minions of Dead Sea King they must defeat before the captain can reclaim his lost ship mates once more. In the meantime, they encounter a few colorful characters that aid them in their quest in quite unexpected ways. And all this while he and his lovely female companion are constantly fighting and arguing over one thing or another, while the underlying romantic feelings between them only grow stronger and stronger over the course of their voyage.

I must stress that this story is not yet in script form, which I've been told by some is not that big of a deal. But, whatever the case, this is meant to be a high-budget film and if you make me an offer, then please be prepared to spend whatever you have to make this project happen. And i promise you, you will make back a hundredfold of whatever you put into it. Therefore, please be part of, or somehow associated with one of the bigger movie production companies like Warner Bros or United Artists or Universal Pictures or 20th Century Fox, or some other outfit like that who can pay whatever it takes to make my dream come true. There will be no stopping this movie once it gets made. It will have Hollywood buzzing for years. And, the way i've written the story, leaves room open for a sequel.

I guarantee that this will be the biggest epic to come along in years. It has romance, humor, adventure, suspense, horror, swordfights, brawls, unexpected little plot twists as well to always leave the audience guessing. As a matter of fact, i'm still debating if perhaps i should just go ahead and try to sell this to Disney, as it would be right up their alley, except of course for the little bit of sexual action and suggestive innuendos that are spread throughout. I just know someone is going to say, "If it's not in script form, no one will buy it."

Okay, you keep thinking that. :smirk: