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The Healing Ground (a full-length drama)- Book to Film


During a difficult time of racial tension in the South, The Healing Ground a poignant story of an African American family that is torn apart by betrayal, abandonment and infidelity while living in a small Louisiana town during the 1960s, after husband and father Raymond Johnston abandons his family, leaving his wife to raise their daughter and his “love child” which forces his daughter to grow up too fast.


Set in a small Louisiana town in 1964, where a small house sits on a vast field of sweet lavender.

Rae Lynne Johnston was a daddy’s girl until her father brings home a newborn baby that was conceived from an adulterous relationship, turning her world upside-down. Forced to succumb to the pressure of his indiscretions, Raymond packs his bags and walks out of their lives, leaving her mother, Angela, to raise the family alone.

While Angela struggles to provide for her children during a time of racial tension in the South, she spends years searching for solace and eventually grows distant. The only place she finds peace is at the healing ground where she spends hours on end.

When suddenly Angela becomes deathly ill, Rae Lynne is faced with the responsibility of caring for her sick mother, while raising her younger brother; and those once fond memories she held of her father, increasingly grow to bitterness.