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A TV Pilot based upon covert emancipation in 19th century America.


I have been working on a unique high concept TV drama for the past four years. Given the recent changing attitudes towards racial discrimination, I believe this project has the potential to garner mass worldwide appeal. The logline is as follows:

In the savage epoch of 19th century slavery lies an isolated cotton farm. This humble dwelling unremarkable as it may seem on the surface , hides an oasis of emancipation and hope. Whereby it's residents both black and white enjoy an incomprehensible egalitarian lifestyle. Thanks to our protagonist: The compassionate and highly successful NY financier Jonathan E. Steadman.

In addition to the pilot and several additional completed episodes for series one -- an audio production of the pilot has also been created as a Table Read. Using professional actors, Foley ,and sound effects. For a taster please copy and paste or click on the link below. This will take you to the trailer which will stream directly to your device.


To hear the full one hour pilot in its entirety, please request access through an email. In addition an official sales pitch, synopsis and complete pilot script are also available on request.

Kindest regards.

Dave Ward