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Deeds of the Fathers

A proposed two-hour screenplay by Robert Janis

Deeds of the Fathers: To Kill a Mockingbird meets Lord of the Flies.

Logline: A northern big city family moves to the rural south in 1962. They adjust to their new surroundings making new friends and dealing with racism and murder.

Synopsis: At the tender age of 10 and 12, Linda and Benji move along with their parents from Detroit, Michigan to Anniston, Alabama. The move is a difficult one for the children. They struggle to fit in and understand the customs of the south of the early 1960s.

As they make friends and struggle to adjust, the editor of the town newspaper disappears. Foul play is suspected and the FBI investigates. Farm animals are also being found dead and mutilated. The grown ups of the town and the town sheriff investigate these strange occurrences as Linda and Benji develop close friendships with some children in the town -- Lee, a black boy; Fritter; and Jessy, who becomes Benji’s girlfriend. The children also contend with the school bully, Buford.

One night while her family sleeps, Linda hears noise coming from the barn. She goes to investigate and finds Fritter gathering strange items. Unaware what the items will be used for, Linda helps Fritter gather and deliver them to a pre-determined location. Linda later questions Fritter about the scavenger hunt, but Fritter refuses to give her any information.

Days later, Benji and Jessy are alone in the woods when Benji discovers a buried car. The town’s sheriff and the FBI find that the car belongs to the missing newspaper editor. A further search turns up the editor’s body along with bodies of a number of black people who had disappeared over several years. It turns out that Benji has helped to unearth evidence of a mass murder committed by local members of the Ku Klux Klan.

As the grown ups, FBI, and sheriff continue to investigate and make arrests, Fritter escorts Linda, Benji, Lee, and Jessy to a secret meeting of a children’s club organized by Buford. They are not invited, but rather hide and watch as kids kill and mutilate farm animals in front of a burning cross using items gathered during Linda and Fritter’s scavenger hunt only a few nights before. It turns out that the children are copying the actions of their fathers who are members of the Ku Klux Klan.

I have been writing screenplays off and on since 1976. I have optioned a treatment to Titus Productions, was one of four writers for NARC, produced by Trans Global Productions and Distribution Network that was released directly into video. I have also packaged scripts and written treatments on my own and for a startup production company in 1982. I have had a plethora of agents including The Sylvia Wosk Agency, Agency for the Performance Arts, Cara Lund Agency, John Schallert Agency and Bud Moss Agency, as well as managers including Chris Trainor Management and John Rebel Management. I have scripts of all types of genre including spy adventure, romantic comedy, western, political drama, coming of age and television series concepts.


Robert Janis
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A proposed two-hour movie written by Robert Janis

Genre: Spy Drama

Log Line: A member of the Soviet Union’s KGB defects to the United States leaving a mole in the central headquarters of the Soviet spy agency.


The story takes place in the United States and Soviet Union in 1984 during the Cold War.

KGB agent Andrei Kolsky defects to the United States leaving a friend as a mole in the main headquarters of the Soviet spy agency in Moscow. He is debriefed by members of the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. and is asked to prove his declaration. The CIA gives him false information to pass on to his mole with instructions to pass it on to the highest ranks of the Soviet government. Kolsky places an ad in a German newspaper, which is a secret message to his partner that is the false information. Kolsky and the CIA wait for the Soviet government to respond.

The Soviet Union responds to the message as the CIA and Kolsky predicted. This confirms to the Agency that Kolsky did indeed place a mole. Now the CIA uses Kolsky to pass on disinformation as well as gather hard, good intelligence about actions performed by the KGB and the Soviet government.

The director of the KGB discovers that there is a mole in the agency and begins an investigation to find him.

Kolsky fears for the well being of his friend. He convinces the CIA that he must pull the mole out of Russia.

Kolsky travels to Russia and the KGB is aware of it. They immediately start to monitor him hoping that he will make a mistake and lead them to the mole.
I have been writing screenplays off and on since 1976. I have optioned a treatment to Titus Productions, was one of four writers for NARC, produced by Trans Global