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Logline: High School lacrosse players involved in a fatal car accident are able to rehabilitate and win the championship.

Synopsis:Our story begins with Joseph Serio at the Final Four Championship in college lacrosse. He loses. Jump ahead over twenty years to Joseph now being an Assistant coach for a team that has two of his sons as players, Adam and Alex. They play in a tournament but are wiped out early with a powerful opponent. Before another game, these sons and three other players are involved in a car accident. Each clings to life. They slowly, one by one, return home and begin getting back what they lost. Eric is even given a standing ovation upon leaving his physical therapy. Brandon, however, remains in a coma. The community comes together to help the returning players in any way that they can. The boys are able to get from being in wheelchairs to running again. Sadly, Brandon succumbs to his injuries after a brave 9 months. This announcement is delivered over the school intercom during their class. Everyone turns and looks. The community is forever changed by this loss of innocence. It’s hard to move on when a child dies. The boys continue their training, eventually winning the championship against the superior opponent. The film ends with Joseph entering Adam’s room, ready for college, and Adam putting the finishing touches on his screenplay. “I’m Ready”.