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DIVERSE Feature - "RESISTANCE~N~LOVE" (Romantic Drama)

Film Type: Diverse Feature - Romantic Drama (Based on a novel/manuscript)
Genre: Erotica, Humor, LGBT, Melodrama, Philosophy, Romance, Satire
Time-Period: Modern
Novel (Manuscript) Page Length: 294 (Unconverted Script)
(Self-Published / All rights reserved)

Log-line: Roaring 20's Fashionista, Angel Graced McPherson must resist or hide the dark side of her voguish pride to keep her ideal man.

Synopsis: Resistance~N~Love begins one month after a formal showcase introducing a prestigious designer, Angel Graced McPherson, to the fashion industry. This epic clashing of egos amongst seven chummy, motivated, mavericks will lead to shockingly, yet forgivable scandals of career versus morality, religion versus spirituality, and acquaintanceship versus sexuality. Still, such testy “love & fashionable” events give way to the gain of strengthened familiarities and unrestricted love alliances that steadily fuel the clique with sheer confidence for their unique quarrels of success in the big city(NYC)

"Resistance~N~Love isn't about WHO or WHAT one loves but HOW and WHY does one love"

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Available @ https://blcklst.com/profile/malachi-huntley

FREE READ @ https://www.wattpad.com/story/191884182-resistance~n~love