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BOYO - An Epic Fantasy Rock Opera

I have written a musical intended for animation. The script is finished and I am now in the process of storyboarding and recording demo tracks of the songs. I am seeking a green light from a major studio to see my film produced as a big budget animated feature film with an all star cast.

Title: Boyo
Genre: Animated Musical
Author: Adam Kirk

Log Line: An Epic Fantasy Rock Opera

Synopsis: "Boyo" is an animated feature film that follows the adventures of a fifteen-year-old elf and his rag tag group of friends on a quest to save their world from the evil wizard Mysterioso and the enigmatic Raven Knight. "Boyo" is an epic fantasy adventure comedy love story rock opera that will change the world. The story is told through songs set to visuals with almost no traditional spoken dialogue. Think "The Lord of the Rings" meets "Hamilton".

Author Bio: I graduated from Sheridan in 2011 with a Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation degree. I have worked as a storyboard artist for "Guardians: Evolution" and as an animator for Cheshire Smile Animation. I started my own caricature business called Kirkatures, drawing people at events. Since 2013 I have taught film and theatre classes writing scripts based on kids’ ideas. In 2016 I produced and directed a feature length documentary about children’s theatre. Since 2014 I have been working with adults with disabilities as a theatre director and create original musicals to perform with them. In college I wrote and directed two zero dollar budget feature films for experience. I used to be in a two man comedy band called Artie and the Saskuatches before moving to Manitoba and still write and perform music regularly. "Boyo" is based on a comic book series I made in high school and adapted into a stage musical with fourteen original songs that was produced in 2006 in Saskatoon Sakatchewan. The film version has thirty original songs and it is my life long dream to see this story realized as a feature film.

Please send inquiries to kirkatures@gmail.com if you are interested in reading the script, seeing storyboards, and listening to song demos.