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feature film / comedy


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A brilliant gardener but a hopeless entrepreneur brings his family to the edge of ruin. When he puts his wicked old mother onto a popular TV quiz show, his financial situation improves dramatically but at a greater cost than what he bargained for.


Bonello, 60, is a disastrous businessman who still believes he can make a financial killing. His young wife, Isabelle, has long grown accustomed to his hopeless business exploits but continues to stand by his side. Instead of praying or taking anti-depressants, she clings to her sanity by creating art; Sculptures made from pills, depicting Catholic saints which she collects from the nursing home where she works.

Their marriage balances on a tightrope, but is saved by small gifts in the form of plant cuttings which Gianni brings home on a regular basis from his numerous business trips abroad. His gardening talent, which he shrugs off as a mere insignificant hobby, flourishes throughout the flat.

On the day he meets a dynamic young businessman, Bonello believes he is about to make a killing. Inevitably his hopes are dashed when the man disappears, leaving him financially worse off than ever before.

Tensions at home reach breaking point. Isabelle moves out, taking their eight year old son with her. Bonello’s mother moves in.

The situation deteriorates from bad to worse. The bailiffs arrive. Bonello finds himself in a flat void of furniture and realizes nothing short of a miracle can save him. The miracle comes in the form of his Mother, who’s talent at solving general knowledge questions, is put to the test.

Bonello enters her onto a popular TV quiz show, unaware it will prove the best business decision of his life,