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Drama seven women

“Let’s Talk About It” focus in on the lives of seven women: Betty, the healer, who has unhealed wounds. Ruth, the secret keeper, who carries a generational curse that comes back to haunt her family. Valarie, the angry black woman, who has the right to be angry. Stephanie, the victim, who can’t figure out how to break her chains from a domestic partner. Jenny, the recovering addict who just want back what she lost. Nina Simone, the ghetto, educated activist, who only regret one past mistake in her life. Katrina, a woman of God, who just wants to share God’s love and his message. Each woman is in need of self-healing and by speaking their truths and claiming their issues, they are set free. This movie is about self-healing and overcoming the obstacles planted in our way. “In order to branch out, you must unroot the issue.” – Angel Averette-Powell. If you are a believer or a non-believer in God, who’s in need of self-healing due to the loss of a loved one, suffers from a chronic condition or illness, has been a victim of domestic violence, drug abuse or sexual abuse. This movie is for you. No more running from you truths, Let’s Talk About It.