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Comedy Pilot


Genre: Comedy

Logline: A dysfunctional woman visits her even more dysfunctional family, this time to meet her sister's
new fiancé.

Pitch: THE NIGHTMARE THAT IS LIFE, is a highly absurdist dark comedy, which focuses on a woman in her early 30’s who is trying to navigate the perils of a highly dysfunctional family. This dysfunction has greatly affected how the central character behaves in almost all of her social interactions. She is similar to Larry David; however, she is a bit meaner.

The story has scenes of dramatic action and excitement, some measure of suspense, much high drama as well as other forms of theatrical expression. The humor throughout ranges from physical and situational to verbal jokes and one-liners; the tenor of the comedy scales from frequently funny to full laugh-out-loud funny.

Some of the supporting stories complement and or contrast with the central conflict. The pace is effectively brisk throughout; there are no unnecessary lulls as the story unfolds. The tone comes from a dark-comedic perspective; the characters are ruthless with one another. There are similarities in vibe to WAR OF THE ROSES with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, or perhaps one of the darker episodes of THE SIMPSONS.