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Viking adventure adaptation

Grettir the Strong
This is a screen play about the most „Valient“ hero/outlaw in Iceland – A true Viking adventure. An adaptation from the Icelandic Saga written in the 13th century.
Happens in the years 990-1040 in Iceland, Norway and Constantinopel.
Log line:
Grettir, an outlawed Icelandic hero, recalls the days of his glory before he gets killed. His half-brother Dromund revenges him.
Grettir, a legendary Icelandic hero and ironman is serving his outlaw sentence on the island of Drangey, accompanied by his brother Illugi and slave Happy. When Happy brings a cursed piece of firewood in the hut, Grettir gets a splinter in his leg and becomes ill. As he gradually gets worse, Grettir tells Illugi and Happy about his youth, his warrior and heroic stories (saving a ship that brought him into exile in Norway, freeing a village from a robbers’ attack, defeating a ghost and a bear, and receiving a powerful short sword as a reward). Grettir’s fortune turns bad, however, when he kills Gloom, a monster, who curses him. Another retrospective sequence tells about Grettir’s second trip to Norway and another set of heroic stories. Grettir is accused of the murder of three men, burnt in their hut and becomes a persona non grata in Norway. The real murderer, revealed later, is the Hook – an Icelandic farmer who seeks revenge after Grettir killed his son.
As retrospective narration approaches presence, Grettir’s wound worsens and Drangey island is repeatedly claimed by the Hook who finally kills Grettir and takes his sword. The Hook goes to Althing to seek reward for Grettir’s head, but instead he is pursued out of Iceland and, later, Norway, too. Grettir’s half-brother Dromund pursues him all the way to Constantinople. Dromund finally kills the Hook and stays in Constantinople. He even gets the girl…… 
Coverages have been made by several people in Europe and the US. All have the same bottom line – a big production that should be produced.
Grettir the Strong – short version (dyeing on the cliff and no revenge) got into the quarterfinals in Scriptapalooza 2014 and the Finalist in World Series of Screen writing 2014. The script since has been given a 36 page addition (which is also from the book) with a much more romantic ending.
It has been corrected and edited and is much more coherent to the original story. A true Viking epic adventure.