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Script logline

Tittle: Vatican Rising

Genre: Thriller and suspense, horror.

Logline: A sect in the Vatican believes killing the pope is the only way to stop a strange disease that has infected thousands including the daughter of the president of the united states, the president sends them support in order to save his child, while the swizz guards would protect the Pope by all means.

Pitch: Contagion meets Angels and Demons

Synopsis: An ancient curse comes to life as the pope accidentally crosses a part no pope has crossed for almost two centuries. The vengeful spirit of a murdered early century female pope comes to life and rains disease and death in Rome. The daughter of the president of the united states who is vacationing in Rome becomes infected with the disease.

An ancient sacred order of priests in the Vatican believe killing the pope remains the only option to stop the curse and they request for help from the Americans, a request the president grants to save his daughter's life. it becomes a race against time to kill the pope and save lives, but the pope's elite guards the Swiss Guards would never allow it.

It becomes a showdown between American special forces, the ancient order of priests, and the elite swiss guards, while the life of the president’s daughter and thousand more hang in the balance.