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From: Agaba Samuel Rujumba.

Subject: Film Shooting and Production sponsorship Request

My name is Agaba Samuel Rujumba and I am an Author for children Story books. I am based In London, and I work with St Thomas Hospital NHS.
I am currently planning to shoot and produce a film (tentatively titled “ Dad is Destiny”) here in London and Maasai land in Kenya.
The story is based on my book: Story Time At Hanwell book 2. I am happy to let you know the movie script is ready too.
I was wondering if I could get sponsorship from your company, use the product(s), brand name(s), logo(s), trademark(s) in my production.
“Dad is Destiny” is a modern CHRISTIAN drama that is based on an English urban setting, and rural Maasai land In Africa. The story is about:
Paul Rudisha, a young Kenyan priest in waiting from Maasai land in Kenya.
Paul is sent to England by his local diocese to complete his pastoral duties before being ordained in the Roman Catholic Church.
But soon his journey to priesthood is tested by a stumbling block of four talented orphans, and a blossoming romance from their mother, who needs a father figure, and a mentor for her children,
following their Dad's death in Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9th/september/2001 attack on Newyork.
Will the priest in waiting forsake their love and betray their trust after reintroducing them to a world of happiness they had lost?
Will he leave behind the blossoming affection towards the widow?
The Bishop thinks the young priest in waiting is a perfect father for the four children, while the neighbour admires the widow's new family life with the young priest.
But Paul doesn’t see it that way and so, he must hide his emotions to protect his priesthood career at any cost- Even if it means completing his assignment in Kenya, so he can be far from a daring
and glaring temptation.
Double pulled by the love for the four children and a pursuit for his career, Paul must make a choice acceptable to God- A decision he will never regret.
The screen play is by Kizito Samuel Saviour, a multi-award winning Ugandan filmmaker who majors in production, writing and directing.
He possesses other skills like Cinematography and film editing.
This movie is in good taste and has no nudity, making it a good entertaining film for both adults and children.
I am not expecting any payment from you in exchange for featuring your product; all I am asking for is sponsorship and the permission to show the brand name on screen.
I would be glad to meet you in person to discuss how this film can be an edutainment production, in the world where politics and religious dogmas are threatening family life.
For more information about me and the script writer, google Agaba Samuel Rujumba, and Kizito Samuel Saviour.

Thank you for your time,
Agaba Samuel Rujumba,
13B Knatchbull Road
London, SE5 9QR
Tel: 07944186051
Email: samagaba@yahoo.co.uk