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Entombed. A Horror script.

A ménage-a-trois that turns out to be a drama for five ghosts.

Set in the U.K, although I can change the location.

Innes and Jack Rose have been married for years when an illness stops Jack from making love to his lovely wife. Jack then engages a lover – Rod Betts – to fulfill his wife’s needs. This arrangement goes on for a few years until Innes realizes that although she is in love with her husband Jack, she’s falling headlong for her surrogate lover, Rod Bettes. Jack is getting jealous and decides to end the arrangement. During an unfortunate scuffle between the two men, Jack is accidentally killed. Rod decides to bury the body in an old cesspit at the back of the house, not knowing that the previous occupant buried human parts there. Innes, in the throes of a nervous breakdown, is sent to a mental hospital where she has visions of her husband invading her mind. Meanwhile, Bettes sells the cottage to Nicki and Steve Belmont, a young couple much in love. Jack’s spirit cannot abide the invasion of the cottage by strangers. He wreaks havoc throughout the house. Nicki Belmont is affected by the presence in the cottage and is slowly consumed into a living hell as her body is gradually being taken over by the spirit of Jack Rose. Where will it all end? Will Jack and Innes finally find peace? Will Nicki and Steve see the end of the ordeal?