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In the 1900's, a prestigious girl born into wealth, receives her inheritance at seven years old. Growing up with her love for guns and a handyman slave, she faces backlash cause of her intentions with living life on her own terms.

In 1899, a year after the Newbern family move to Corbin, Kentucky, Sarah receives a five year old slave for her seventh birthday. A couple of the towns women gossip to the wife about her husband purchasing a slave, who is two years younger than their daughter. Heather, Sarah's mother, teaches her about ownership of a slave and women's rights, for what's appropriate to society.
March 1919, Sarah receives an award for fastest hand in the south. Her fiance, Thomas, convinces her to have Samuel, Sarah's slave, to fix the roof of the house. Despite the fact that he believes that he controls her. Daniel, Sarah's dad, sets him straight because Samuel is Sarah's property, which in turn doesn't sit right with Thomas. The couple gets into an argument, when she finds out Thomas and his friends are sleeping with slave women. Sarah gets revenge on Thomas by sleeping with her slave, Samuel.
Thomas, knowing what Sarah did, takes Samuel at night, with the help of his friends. Sarah hears the commotion and runs after them, with her guns, to the mountains. The couple get into an argument then he hits her on the arm with a whip. Sarah defends herself and in return, the guys believes that she has committed treason for defending her slave. The mayor and sheriff investigate the ordeal, which later led Sarah to court, for protecting her property and killing her husband. The Newbern household worry because Sarah could be tried for murder, even though she felt like Thomas was jealous at how she treated Samuel.
The prosecutor argued with what is according to the way of life, while the defendant argued with what is right and according to the law. Sarah wins the case, while Thomas friends had to serve a sentence. They vowed revenge on Sarah because she killed Thomas for Samuel. Months pass by then the guys are released, and they take Samuel to get revenge on Sarah. Two of the guys try to shoot her, but was not fast enough. The sheriff arrive, sees what the guys did to Samuel, and let Sarah have her revenge.
Sarah cleans Samuels wounds as he lies on her living room floor, in which her mother has a problem with slaves in the house. she is concerned about her and Samuels safety, and decides to move to Canada, despite Heather's refusal. Anna, Heather's friend, tells Sarah about someone who wants their kitchen remodeled and she agrees. After Samuel does the work, the two catch the L and N railroad, then goes north.
October 1919, the remaining two friends of Thomas paint their faces, attack and robbed Mr. Williams at night. The town believe that he was attacked by black men, then forced close to 200 blacks out of town. The following day, the mayor declared a sundown town policy, meaning no blacks are allowed in town after sunset. The policy became so popular, majority of the country saw the policy as law.