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Lizards Lagoon Book - Mystery

James is away at war when he gets a phone call that his brother has committed suicide. He heads for home to take care of his mother and funeral arrangements for his brother. When he arrives home nothing seems right, "why would his brother do this, he was happy?" James thought to himself. While working with his brothers best friend on their construction project, James had a visitor. A black SUV pulled up and one of the men walked up to him and let him know he's responsible for his brothers debt. James was thoroughly confused at this point and ask the man why. His response was "where do you think your brother got all his money to start his business." Then the man demanded the money and left. Stunned James turns to his brothers best friend to figure out what is going on.

Lizards Lagoon is a fast paced book and quick easy read but will keep you on your toes the whole time. Email me for a copy @ timmurphy377@yahoo.com