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Pater Familias


A Presidential consultant’s dead ex-wives appear in a dream, warning that his adult children need his guidance. The President gives him three days to rebuild their familial love.


RAYMOND VINCENT has a strange dream where his dead ex-wives alert him that his children are in need of his fatherly presence. Other than his namesake RAY JUNIOR, Raymond has not been a consistent presence in their lives.

Raymond is in the midst of work supporting his best friend’s reelection strategy. His best friend happens to be the President of the United States. The President allows him to take the three-day weekend off to deal with his children’s issues.

He flies his youngest child, daughter Asdís, to his New York Condo where he gets his younger son Tony to agree to a weekend at his Puerto Rico villa. Raymond then turns Asdís over to Ray Jr. while he flies to Los Angeles to convince his oldest daughter Angela to come along.

That monumental task successful, they all arrive in Puerto Rico and immediately the friction between the siblings becomes apparent and rapidly escalates. Raymond’s strategy is to leave Asdís and Angela together (with a pitcher of Piña Coladas) while taking sons Ray Jr. and Tony out for dinner and drinks… and more drinks.

The next morning, Raymond (recovering from a hangover) is on the phone with the White House, dealing with the President’s anxiety while his four children (also recovering from hangovers) are initiated into the next phase of Raymond’s plan.

The forced bonding between siblings is a bit rough and rocky, but slowly seems to be successful, except for a few hiccups along the way. Those are smoothed out as Ray Jr. meets an old friend who is doing business on the island and their romance is rekindled.

Likewise, Tony stops by a local store and falls for the store manager. The relationship blossoms in spite of Tony’s awkardness and the pain he wears on his sleeve after two painful and costly divorces.

These escapades, sandwiched between family meals and adventures, come to a conclusion as the President pays a surprise visit to ensure that Raymond comes back to the White House to continue and conclude the work he and the President had commenced. Fortunately, the children are bonded and operating as a family.