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Tracking the male Y chromosome may establish an actual timeline for antediluvial biblical patriarchs

Geneticist Leah Prosper and Biblical historian Max Thorenson embark on a quest for the tomb of Abraham. They are seeking genetic proof of a mistake in Genesis. That they might sequence Abraham's DNA is perceived as an existential threat to major world religions, competing Middle East countries, an emerging nation of New Canaan, and a third Jewish Temple on Temple Mount.

“So, if the logic in your program, D-Cypher, gets all the way to the translation table, that means that it found… let’s say… a reasonable character.” She paused to see if Max was following her logic.

“Yes… yes, go on.”

“Do you have any idea which character in the stream of characters D-Cypher is looking at that causes it to give up the translation?”
Fully engaged now, Max was up and pacing back and forth in front of the white board. “I don’t, but I can put in a counter for each character D-Cypher looks at. That counter will point to the unknown character. It will also tell us if there are multiple unknowns… a point I have been wrestling with.”

… “My God, Max… this is a codon!”
“What is a codon?” Max asked.

“There are sixty-four of them in the human genome. They are interspersed in DNA, and RNA to tell nature how to construct genes and proteins. Taken together, all sixty-four codons are called the genetic code for a human being.”