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Faith-Based feature scripts The protagonists struggles after college from the loss of his mother.

To Production Agency Producer:
The emotional and inspirational, Mysteries and Secrets story keeps the viewer hanging to the very end of the storyline. I have competed a 51-pages screen play for a Pre-Story for a TV Series, or Motion picture derived from parts of the novel Secret Prince of Manhattan. This book as a positive impact on so many people who have taken the time to ready the Book with a spiritual awaking.
This screen play for a TV Series Episode One is a Pre-storyline from the Novel, Secret Prince of Manhattan. I Would like to sale the movies rights for a screen play TV Series or Cinema Movie. The Book has 13 chapters and almost 300 pages of riveting story with twist and turns as history comes live in New York City between the 1960s and 1980s. When America was battling three major crises; and how people had to come across cultures to rebuild cities from violence, Pollution that was destroying the eco system, and the stop the Swine Flu that killed Millions around the world. Then The adventure begins, when Brent the prince must travel into unfamiliar lands in South India, to save the advertising agency in New York City. He will also have to seek out the truth about his family heritage and connections in South India.
I am trying to get enough interest in the first Epode to get an agent or production Agency to buy the book rights. I am sending the logline and Synopsis with the News Release Book, Secret Prince of Manhattan. For a Cinema movie or TV series.

Dorothy Newsome
Email: dotnew53@yahoo.com