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Once A Soldier

Feature script for sale. Originally sold to an independent company that went under due to Covid 19. Comes attached with a director.

Title: Once A Soldier.

Logline: Two young men of opposite races develop a friendship through service in the United States Army. As time goes on, and their lives changed, they face numerous challenges and obstacles to maintaining their friendship, both professionally, and personally.

Brief Synopsis: James Barnes is an young, white man looking to escape his small town and his abusive, alcoholic father. Aquavian Jones is desperately seeking a fresh start after he is unwittingly involved in a crime. Both men enlist in the Army.

Initially, they hate each other. Through time, and trail, they develop a bond. When James is seriously Injured 3 years later in Iraq, Aquavian rescues him. As James rehabs, Aquavian is by his side, forming a relationship with James’ sister Sarah. The pair fall in love, enraging James’ father Larry, and forcing a James to choose between Aquavian and Sarah, or his fathers acceptance.

Noted: This is a hot topic film, and time is of the essence. This is without a doubt an award winning script, and a story about racial divides, and coming together which this country sorely needs.

Serious inquiries only.

Email: Ericfalvey@gmail.com