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LOGLINE: Homeless man "Broke In" finds way more than expected. |: "Faith & Family" movie

"Broke In" author Jota Te

The street person breaks into a house in an attempt to find a "quick lunch" and hears a
cellphone ring. Searching for something TRADABLE in the bedroom, another cellphone rings beside him,
displaying "Carrie", the same name he'd seen on the black cellphone in the kitchen. Around the house he
see's several large quotation stickers "faith references?" and one picture in particular which states, "ARE
WE GONE? ...are millions around the world gone?," with another apparent Bible scripture reference? He
opens the kennel door, to calm the barking dog, who has messed in kennel. The dog runs to the nearly
dry water dish and quickly to the door. He'll be able to easily trade the laptop, cellphones, one which
rings. No one has been home in a while.

Annoyed and reluctant he answers another call from Carrie, "GrandDad?" He hears and hangs
up. Immediately it rings again twice, then the other phone rings. He answers, and hears "GrandDad?"
Now he answers, "I found the phone." "Where's my GrandDad,"…"please don't hang up, I'm alone, what
happened, Mom hasn't come home, I'm scared." Overwhelmed by the questions, "I've got to go"…. he
hangs up. Bothered by the desperation in the child's voice, he can't help but answer again as he walks
out the back yard fence door.

Through the next and subsequent calls the frightened child persuades him into coming to get
her, directing him, resolving his pretenses, and giving him permission to be in the house.

Over the phone she asks, "didn’t you hear what happened, millions of people are gone?
Watch the TV," "I gotta go." "turn it on and watch it, 800 club". "MY grandDad believed in it", "its in the
picture frame, get the USB drive out the back of the picture and look at the stuff." "GrandDad believed
this was coming. He called it the 'racker'." NEXT CALL, "did you see the thumb drive." "No computer."
"Use granddads" "Its got a password," "It's 'j o h n 3 1 6'," "Call me back," "I can't," "Why," "password on
phone." "Do you have the black phone, the password is 33 33." She hears the dog bark at her voice. "You
have the Beaver, did you feed him?" Bribing him with the location of the car keys, a credit card, some
cash, step bye step Carrie "CONS" him to come get her.

He's surprised as he finds himself yielding to the awakened compassion he feels as he's
watched her granddad's video.

The next days are filled with decisions, going to get her or leaving with the stuff? Learning to
help them (she has a younger brother) as she mourns in her grandparents house. Giving into "going to
church" on Sunday and deciding to protect them all, OR ONLY protecting himself, when his street friends
find out he's landed the "mother load."

Three Weeks later he feels (realizes) he's been following the trail of "bread crumbs" left by the
grandfather PREPARING the data's FINDER with ANSWERS to where he has gone and where millions of
people all over the world have gone. The video files on the thumb drive are not only meant to explain,
but to PREPARE the FINDER for the weeks and months AHEAD as has been foretold in the Bible. Just as
this past event, Jesus gathering his people, was foretold in the Bible. He now understands that bible
events ARE NOT YET over, those left behind still have a chance, and he receives the spiritual salvation of
Jesus. But somehow he feels himself almost taking Carrie's grandfathers place, stepping into his home,
his world, this accounts, his grandchildren. He, a street person, discovers, realizes he hasn't just "Broke
In" to someone else's home and world, God has USED these events, these people to invade him. God has
"Broke In" to him.