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Prince Of Hitsville

Title: “Prince Of HitsVille”

Logline: A singer defies his boss and produces the greatest album ever produced.

My name is Larry Wright and I’ve written a script for a made for TV movie called“ Prince Of Hitsville” that I’d like to send your way.
“Prince Of Hitsville” is written along the lines of the biographical musical drama film about the life of singer James Brown. For years there has been talk about a film docudrama on the life of Marvin Gaye. For years it's been on again, off again. I truly believe it's because people don't know what story they want to tell about this man. I've written a script titled "Prince Of Hitsville". The script was written based of what I felt it took for Mr. Gaye to produce such a classic album What's Going On". As a conscience writer growing up in seventies and living through them times I tried to put myself in his place when he wrote and produced this historic album. His beef with his boss, his brother in Vietnam and his relationship with his wife and female singing partner played a big part in his producing of this album. All this played a big part in his music and my writing this script which is part of the script. There comes a time where we must honor a man legacy on his works, his deeds and then we will get a better understanding of his greatness. To make a film about anything less will be a dishonor to his name and the greatest album ever produced. We know about his troubled past but do we really know what it took for him to create greatness.

The story is about a man brilliance and how this 1 album change how we viewed the world and how the world really viewed Black America. “Prince Of Hitsville” will appeal to a very wide audience. Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration.