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Log Line: Three Afro American attorneys takes America before the World Court

Synopsis:Best friends since childhood, three men, Jeffrey X, Larry Wright and Carl Carlton made a promise to one another that they would become lawyers and start a practice together. Their mission to study Black History came when they were introduced to the 40 Acres and a Mule story, a story that was in their words, compromised. Starting their own firm after college, they became very successful injury lawyers. Having a meeting one evening they witnessed the senseless killing of a black woman, at the hands of the police. It was not the just the killing that disturbed them, it was how she was totally disrespected before they killed her. This took them back to their old college days, when they would win debates and mock trials about black oppression and police brutality. After hours upon hours of research, they presented their argument to the United Nations. Traveling down the road of slavery, hate and prejudice they re-introduced the world to the scars and pains of slavery, scars and pains that America had hidden from its own community for years. Re-introducing them to the bombing of Black Wall Street, the bombing of Move in Philadelphia, the devils punch bowl, illegal share cropping and how America itself took the land paid for and brought by the free slaves and gave it back to the very people they fought to free the slaves from. The lawyers are charging America with neglect, supporting racism and for allowing States and America itself to violate the 5th and 14th amendments by not protecting the rights of its Afro American citizens. After debate and harsh words from not just America but other countries who support America politics, (remove but) to their surprise the three men will be presenting their case for Reparations in front of the World Court. Jeffrey X, Larry Wright and Carl Carlton Vs Big Bad America in a hearing that will change these men lives forever.