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The Big Mahoff - Feature Length Comedy - Looking for Producer/Agent

Logline: A hen-pecked underachiever leaves his just-ok bar job to work at the family vacuum shop where he finds his Dad isn’t the pathetic, beaten man he grew up with but the revered and unrivaled leader of the Jewish mob.

Two Paragraph Pitch - Hen-pecked, engaged to be married, just-ok Jewish boy Greg Schmerling joins the family vacuum business. He assumed his life would be a sad picture of stability and mediocrity in exchange for a stable paycheck and to shut-up his nagging fiancé. While starting at the bottom rung, Greg slowly discovers his father Larry, a verbal whipping post and all-around schmuck at home is the revered and undisputed leader of the Jewish Mob, the Big Mahoff. Confronting his father with the truth he’s given a decision. Greg chooses the mob.

Under the tutelage of the family consigliere, Harvard graduate and trained killer Esther, Greg slowly learns the ropes until the untimely demise of his father. In the midst of a mob war, Greg is installed as the next leader with zero confidence from leadership, zero confidence in himself and now the Italian’s have kidnapped his mom and fiancé. Will Greg wilt under the pressure and lose everything his father built? Or will he rise to the occasion, step up, and truly become the next Big Mahoff.

Blue Cat coverage - "Here, we have a genuinely unique mob comedy with a clearly defined world and a strong sense of personality. From the very first page, your knack for crafting comedic situations and dialogue is on full display." "Every comedic beat feels unique to your specific sense of humor as a writer, and it leads your script to be one of the most original comedies I've ever encountered."

Looking for a producer or agent.

Please contact me via email @irbstoryteller@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest.

Russell Brand