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Tides Inn Mysteries

I have two British Mystery type screenplays entitled, .“Tides Inn – Camaraderie is Deadly” and “Tides Inn – Shock from the Deep, that you may want to take a look”. These are both procedural TV show episodes that stand on their own.
The venue of both stories is a quirky pub. the ’Tides Inn. 'The pub is connected to the mainland by an occasionally flooded 100 feet of walkway. When flooding occurs, the mainland could be 100 miles away. This sets a quaint and unique setting for two baffling crimes
As mentioned, the scripts are located on the rugged English Yorkshire coast, thus bringing out the beauty of the Yorkshire coast However, there are other countries that have scenery just as beautiful and appropriate for use. The existing script can very easily be modified with the venue, highlighting the splendor of that country. The beautiful scenery, the unique pub, and the baffling mystery stories – all present the potential for an enjoyable screenplay.

Tides Inn – Camaraderie is Deadly:
Logline: A headstrong feminist, Constable Dawn Thompkins must team up with Police Sergeant, Reggie Duke, who believes a woman belongs in the home, to solve a mystifying murder mystery involving seven people trapped in the quirky English pub by the tide.

Description: Feminist policewoman, Dawn Thompkins and macho policeman Reggie Duke continually butt heads as they try to work together to solve this almost impossible crime. In the unpredictable Agatha Christie-esque conclusion, - a very unexpected person is exposed as the murderer, and an incredibly ingenious plan is revealed as the method. This, “Wow. That was way out-of-the-box” solution was provided by none other than Thompkins much to Duke’s chagrin.

Tides Inn – Shock from the Deep: Logline: A policewoman, Dawn Thompkins, is imbibing a quiet cocktail on the Tides Inn oceanside deck with a friend, when suddenly a grotesque green figure pops up, her friend is bizarrely murdered, and the shaken Thompkins must overcome her personal trauma and track down the clever murderer.

Description: A policewoman, Dawn Thompkins is having cocktails on the deck with a close friend. The friend is suddenly murdered. The killer makes a quick escape. In the blink of an eye there is a creative murder, and an ingenious escape. Thompkins is not only the shaken main witness, but also the chief investigator. Four colorful and eccentric suspects are uncovered. But the murder has been masterly planned, and finding the murderer is proving to be exceptionally challenging. However, the baffling mystery finally comes to an extremely surprising conclusion, with a totally off-the-wall solution.

WGA Registration Numbers: Camaraderie is deadly - 1871195
Shock from the deep - 2010530

I believe you will find these scripts will provide the vehicle for the viewer to have a chance to sit back in a comfortable chair, quaff a cold beer, and enjoy two wonderful British ‘whodunits’. The scripts for both screenplays are complete and ready for review. May I send you one or both of them?

Bill Wilke