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Abundance - a comedic dismantling of the New Age

Logline: A millionaire New Age guru's idyllic lifestyle comes apart at the seams when a mysterious young drifter wanders unbidden into his world.


Measured by almost any yardstick Damien Kingly's life has been a success. Now fifty-five, he's spent thirty years delivering his message to mankind; 'the universe is a beautiful bounteous place, reach out and share in the abundance.'

Believing his wealth to be the outer manifestation of his 'inner spiritual journey' Damien claims he could happily lose it all tomorrow as long as his family were by his side. But constant quarrels and guilty secrets are pulling the family apart. Dazzled by the bright lights of success Damien fails to acknowledge the gluttonous consumerism of his wife Andromeda or the deep alienation of his daughter Zoë.

Into this dysfunctional world wanders Yeshi, the charismatic drifter, a walking refutation of Damien's philosophy. He encamps in Damien's boathouse.

Damien would like to ignore Yeshi much as he ignores his own self-doubt. But life begins to change and Yeshi is the catalyst. Zoë moves out of the mansion and into the boathouse. Two attendees at Damien's current workshop 'reach out and share' by robbing a bank whilst another commits suicide.

The scales fall from Damien's eyes but one delusion replaces another. Give away the money and everything will be okay. After rampaging through the mansion smashing his worldly goods Damien heads off to hand out money to the poor.

Blaming Yeshi for the threatened loss of her home and family Andromeda sets fire to the boathouse unaware that Zoë is sleeping inside. Yeshi saves Zoë but cannot prevent a powerful wind carrying burning embers across the beach and into the mansion.

Sobered by his encounter with life on the streets Damien returns to find the mansion burning. Believing Andromeda and Zoë to be inside Damien braves the flames in a frantic search. He emerges from the conflagration to find them clinging desperately to one another, fearing he may have perished. We leave them holding one another in a wordless embrace, ready to begin again, and we see Yeshi walking into the night, his task completed.