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The Blessed Ring

This is a fascinating story of a brave young man, who without losing his heart, fought against every adversity, following the ideals of humanity. “Fortune favors the brave”.
The story set in ancient India and the far east , who have maintained maritime trade and business along with exchange of knowledge and religion, among themselves. When human beings try to live in peace and to prosper, the evil forces also try to disrupt. Some do it for hunger and some for power.
But, there are people who fight against that evil to safeguard society and its well-being. Here, we have a humble boy, whose adventurous nature drove him to join the naval forces of the then mighty kingdom of Kalinga, in the eastern coast of India. There were trade relations of different countries of the world with India and most prominent was with the former state of Sribijay, now known as Indonesia.
Now, that boy, Prabir, the chief character in the book, was a potential warrior and was eager to help his kingdoms’ merchants. He was inducted into the navy of the state and made his voyage to the sea along with the traders. Mid-way, he had many experiences and they confronted with the pirates. And he, with extraordinary courage and heroics killed the chief of the pirates. That made the pirates fled away and instantly, he became the hero. That was just the beginning of his journey, which was full of danger.
The royal court of Sribijay rewarded the winner and along with winning the hearts of the people there, the heart of the young princess was also won. He saved her life in the tormentous sea and a bond of affection made them come close to each other. The old benevolent King approved that but that made him vulnerable to attacks from a powerful section of the political elite there. The General and his son were the antagonists who tried to usurp the throne, by getting married to the Princess with the General’s son were unhappy with incidents, and tried to kill Prabir. But, the King gave a secret order to him to leave the country in order to avoid a civil war between his subjects and the wrongdoers.
Prabir left the country in a boat, in the darkness of a night. He wondered alone in the sea. He resqued a person from the cannibals from an island. That person, Han, a chinese man became a friend of him and vowed to help him. Both of them found an island where civilised people lived. By God’s grace, Prabir became the King of that island in a very peculiar way; the King of that island had died childless and the throne was vacant. A ceremonial elephant poured holy water on Prabir’s head and he became the King.
Here, a bird, a pigeon named, ‘kapota’ worked as a messenger between Prabir and Sulakshana, the Princess of the Sribijaya. After becoming King, Prabir did not wasted time and send Han,whom he made his General, with a marriage proposal to Sribijaya. The King gracefully accepted it and invited him to get marry to his daughter. Then Han returned to his island Mardrake.
That night the General and his cruel son Ahisman conspired and killed the King. But, they could not found the Princess, as she and her bodyguard escaped by a secret way from the palace, to the forest, and eventually to a ship where, the soldiers were obedient to her father. She sent a message to Prabir explaining what had happened.
Prabir received the message and when Han returned, they started their journey to save the Princess. They reached Sribijaya the next day. And they found the pirates joining the treacherous General’s evil forces.
The Sribijayan Navy joined Prabir’s cause and they fought valiantly to finish the enemy. They finished the pirates and killed the General and his son. Then they returned to the capital of Sribijaya, where after mourning for the late King, Prabir wed Princess Sulakshana and became the King of Sribijaya.