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Logline and brief summary of Blue Plastic Virgin

Blue Plastic Virgin Logline: An aging Vietnam veteran, convinced he will be murdered on a specific date, decides that in the time he has left, he will take his new credit card (the Blue Plastic Virgin) and max it out on good food, top-shelf spirits, and great sex.

Blue Plastic Virgin Summary: Much of the action takes place in a bar. Jim, a Vietnam veteran, stabs to death an older Asian man in San Francisco because he thinks he looks like the enemy. The victim was in fact a combat veteran as well, and his last words are that he will get revenge. Flash forward several years and down-on-his-luck Jim keeps having knife dream nightmares; he hears the voice of his victim and is convinced he will soon meet his end. He takes out his brand new credit card – the blue plastic virgin – and decides that until then, he intends to ask Joye, the bartender. to join him and have one hell of a good time. The challenge Jim faces is to find a way to die that also frustrates his dead victim's intent to kill him in a particular way.