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Youth Musical Film/Logline and brief summary

A Trip to Purpose Land

Logline: Two siblings who lost their mother and father are sent to a horrible foster home, find a creative way to escape the pain and fear of their reality in a whimsical place filled with love, joy and inspiration.

Summary: In a terrible group home that is run by the evil Foster Mother Janice Ethel, are the newest starry-eyed disadvantaged children to enter. The Baker's, siblings Devin and younger sister Kinsey quickly discover through many dreadful experiences with Foster mother Janice that there is love and joy on the other side of fear and pain. They find a creative way to escape and create a whimsical reality called Purpose Land a magical place filled with valuable life tools, a loving guide, inspiring songs and cool peeps to help them learn some important life lessons.

As a new screenwriter I am very excited about my script I have genuine passion for the youth and the arts. Please email atriptopurposeland@gmail.com if interested in partnership!