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Outline for drama movie. Looking for investment.

Rite of Passage

Life after death. The subject has been discussed and pondered over since the beginning of humanity, yet because of the lack of actual proof, we have had to rely on only speculation and conjecture as to what awaits all of us when our time inevitably arrives.
Three spirits find themselves in an area on the **** of a river in Canada BC. Two are restricted to remain seated on their respective memorial benches while the other has slightly more freedom and has the ability to wonder up and down the *****
One young black, and two white, middle-aged males learn that they have all killed someone while alive, each under different circumstances. We discover that each has a reason for not crossing over; Guilt, Anger and Racism.
They divulge their stories, which includes Canada, UK and South Africa, and incorporates different times and cultures, all with the hope of creating possible paths to redemption.
Religion, drug and alcohol abuse, racism, horrors of war, and the uncomfortable conflicts of the people of South Africa are touched upon.
Even with all of the sadness of their lives and perceived hopelessness of their situations, they do find redemption and happiness as they come to terms with what their particular rite of passage is required to pass on to either a place of believed perfection or reincarnation.