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The Orbiter - Inspired by "The Great Below" by Nine Inch Nails

Logline: A loner cursed with a perfect memory must convince the woman he’s loved from afar that she holds the cure to his deadly memory-migraines.

Short Synopisis:
Inspired by the song “The Great Below” by Nine Inch Nails, “The Orbiter” is written along the lines of “The Lake House” with the darker tones of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Set against the backdrop of the rocky Maine coast, the story is about a lonely young man, Ethan, cursed with a perfect memory (hyperthymesia) that frequently overwhelms him and causes painful migraines. He desperately seeks the origin of a powerful healing force (The Pull), which he hasn’t felt since the day he was born. After unintentionally orbiting her life for years, Ethan discovers that The Pull emanates from a young woman, Carrie, who lives in the neighboring town. Crippled with anxiety, Ethan shadows Carrie for years until the day he rescues her from drowning, but he immediately runs away. Carrie is determined to find and identify her eerily familiar rescuer and sets out on a methodical search. When Carrie finds Ethan, she feels a connection she can’t logically explain and looks to him for answers. Ethan must risk everything to convince a skeptical Carrie that The Pull is real. If he fails, he will lose Carrie—and The Pull—forever and be forced to choose between suffering alone with debilitating memory-migraines or ending the pain by ending his life.