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Witch Hunter Drama

After witnessing the ritualistic murder of a teenage girl by a group of holier than thou witch persecutors, a gifted young man is targeted, and must band together with members of the occult community to defeat their common adversary.

And here is a brief summary of the proposed film:

Witch Hunter Drama is an American Fantasy Film centered around Twenty-year-old Michael Ross.

Michael has been disconnected from the world, since the death of his mother. A vivid memory of her ghost visiting him post-mortem, has spiraled Michael into an obsession with reconnecting with her spirit. This obsession has led him to experiment with drug-induced meditation, in the hope of reaching a transit state that would allow him access to her spirit.

Michael is soon forced to confront his delusion, when a friend forces him into medical treatment. However, he is still convinced that there are some things that a doctor can neither explain, nor fix.

After passing out, due to the effects of a prescription pill cocktail, he has an out-of-body experience, that leads to the discovery of a murder.

He later learns that members of the police cannot be trusted, and therefore solicits the aid of the occult community. A trip to an occult bookstore, provides him with background information, and support for the impending battle with their common adversary.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to further contact regarding your thoughts on the project!