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MACGUFFIN: Thrilling Hollywood Noir With A Horrific Web Of Intrigue & Suspense

MACGUFFIN: A Mini-series Screenplay By John F. Mollard & Roy C. Booth, based on their 2020 novel, MACGUFFIN (Voted #2 for Best Thriller Novel in the 18th Anuual Preditors & Editors Awards), published by Indie Authors Press.

Amazon Book Page: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1910910155


An FBI agent teams with LAPD detectives to thwart THE HOLLYWOOD SPECTRE, a serial killer who preys on celebrities.


Every year, scores of beautiful dreamers flock to Hollywood with hopes of stardom. Fact is, few who make the journey ever make it big. Most go back where they came from, while others stay and suffer disillusionment. Some, however, are so desperate they will do just about anything to succeed....


Rich MacGuffin, an aspiring actor with a talent for acting but a distinct lack of Tinsel Town looks, struggles to find work that will lead him on the road to stardom.

When a series of murders takes place by an elusive serial killer nicknamed THE HOLLYWOOD SPECTRE, and one of those victims is the star in a movie in the process of being shot, MacGuffin comes up with a unique idea that will land him the starring role.

Finally, MacGuffin gets his chance to show his acting ability, and he shines. But the killer is still on the prowl and seeking revenge against those from his past. MacGuffin unwittingly becomes involved with the LAPD and FBI as they hunt the killer and the bodies stack up.