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Logline. and Synopsis.


Can The Stranger; in a dangerous world survive a war, fulfill a prophecy, and make a life? Welcome to Eskamonia!

A fantasy screenplay about a tale of; Love, Betrayal and Revenge.

:laughing: ESKAMONIA.

A synopsis.

Alex, a young man from London is taken to another world when a four-pointed star shines outside his bedroom window. Chulack is sent by the Snow King ruler of Eskamonia, to meet Alex after a failed attempt to assassinate him by an Assassin, sent by King Gorta, ruler of Cardoudia, who believes the Snow King, his former best friend, betrayed him with the mother of his son Prince Iyak.

Alex arrives in Eskamonia. After being saved by Chulack under the appearance of a Wild looking man, Alex arrives in the Walled City and meets the Snow King.

John Alcard, a young man, separated from his parents after King Gorta razes their village to the ground joins a group of refugees who reach the Walled City.

Alex is about to be executed as an assassin, but his recognition of the star saves him. Alex is told by Chulack that he is the One of Prophecy. Later, Alex rescues Natalya during an attack by King Gorta's Mounted Warriors but sustains a hand injury.

Four years pass.

King Gorta with his dying breath, tells Prince Iyak to fulfil his revenge and make him proud. Prince Iyak conceives a plan to kidnap Natalya.

Prince Iyak enters under darkness and kidnaps Natalya after a valiant struggle. Alex and John are sent to rescue her. Natalya manages to escape and tries to flee the castle but is caught and thrown in the cells.

Chulack travels north to Arsidia to procure a new type of weapon. The Snow King travels across the Plains of Sheba to offer his surrender to Prince Iyak. The rescue succeeds and Prince Iyak's roar of rage, anguish and despair echoes across the night. Prince Iyak now plans to defend the castle against the Snow King's expected attack.

During this attack John is viciously killed and Lydia is destroyed when she finds out. Prince Iyak captures the Snow King and Natalya runs into the castle to rescue him. A duel erupts between Prince Iyak and Natalya.

Six months later a crowd gathers in the Walled City to witness the marriage of Alex and Natalya. Lydia is there also, pregnant with John’s baby.

On a cliff at sunset Alex and Natalya look out across the ocean.

A wet stormy night, Alex now a Prince returns to the Walled City with a Crystal for Chulack. Alex holds the Crystal; thoughts of home visualise in the Crystal a bubble appears; by accident Alex enters and disappears. Chulack looks on in horror at what has just happened.

Alex arrives back in London, but the Crystal slips from his grasp and disappears into the bubble. The scars on his right hand prove Eskamonia was real.

On a cliff, a line of people stand in deep meditation. In a vision Corta sees a large multicoloured Crystal; images of Earth appear in a new Crystal facet. Afterward; emanates a deep rose coloured speck. Corta discovers a new world.