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Beast House ..Horror screenplay

Donna gets a phone call that her ex husband is out of prison from raping their 6 year old daughter.Donna and her daughter pack up and head North.Finally reaching Malcasa Point home of the infamous Beast House where 2 families and intruders get slaughtered by an unknown creature.They meet up with a survivor of a massacre that killed his friend. And a mercenary hired to kill the beast if it exists.The ex husband catches up to them after killing several people along the way. He finds Donna and daughter at the motel where they are staying along with the mercenary and survivor. Gets captured by the mercenary and taken to the Beast House as bait.A beast kills the ex husband and is killed by the mercenary.The owner of the house kills the mercenary by surprise.The survivor is killed by another beast. Donna and her daughter survive but are held captive by the owner of the house.