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Jason's Hope - Romantic Comedy (logline and synopsis)

Born into a life of privilege, a rebellious son's wild ways are cut short when his wealthy father sends him to a medical clinic in Guyana with an ultimatum: grow up, or his life of luxury--gone.

Alexander Hope has finally had it with his son’s blatant disregard for the law when he, Jason, is once again arrested by the police. Taking a tough love approach, Alexander gives his son a choice—if he can last one year at a medical clinic in Guyana, and take responsibility for his life, Alexander will allow him to return and unfreeze all his accounts. If Jason refuses, then he’s cut off forever. Knowing he has no real choice, Jason decides to go. In a classic fish-out-of-the-water story, he begins his road of redemption, often with humorous results. There, he meets the hospital's head doctor, Nancy Addison. They are at odds with each other from the beginning, but over time fall in love.