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'YARDLEY' 12 x 1 hour episodes original unseen unique comedy FD Screenplay. 60 pages each episode

31 year old Paul Yardley moves into East Anglian farming community and turns it upside down with his 'Mitty'style fantasies.
Handsome, witty and totally believable Yardley wins over the love and respect of all imbibers in the local PH 'The Pucker'. Adventures galore as he leads them astray. Yardley causes them to fall foul of drug dealers....forgers... ghosts.... and so much more. Thanks to his 'masters degree' in plausibility they never see it coming until it's too late. Incredibly everything he touches turns to gold. The pub regulars become know as the 'Gang Busters' when they receive over two million pounds in reward money. Only Yardley could cause a mutiny on a cross channel ferry. Awaken evil spirits when they visit an old empty mansion house. Stranded overnight due to dense fog not one of them gets any sleep as ghosts rampage through the corridors and shots ring out when the Italian forgers are disturbed! In order to celebrate their good fortune the villagers put on an incredible fete. Fortune tellers.... coconut shies... free drinks and food whilst dancing the night away. But who let the gangster clowns in? life threatening scenes and unheard screams as Yardley and his long suffering wife Susan prepare to die!
The cast contains all aspects of ability and attitude ranging from pub owners retired marine sergeant Tom Price and his wife Gwen. Nympho barmaid Joy with her outrageously scanty attire. Ada & Albert deaf as posts and never hear what is actually said. Laughs galore at their expense.
Hen pecked retired bank manager Ralph who rebels when his head mistress wife Sarah is not around (he just wants to be one of the boys) Charlie Sandel drives PC Brian Lamb to despair with his implications that Paul Yardley is a serial killer but who started those rumours? Paul Yardley of course! The same Paul Yardley who expects his wife to believe a garlic breathing gangster looked over his shoulder in mid pee and said, 'you are getting half now and half up the A2 service station. Don't let me down or else you will die!' It really happened but who will believe him?
Liberal doses of love sex jealousy and anger thoughout the series culminating with a hilarious heartwarming pantomime in episode six which is 75 minutes long allowing for the 45minute panto. Perfect Christmas viewing for all the family with all parts being played by the characters in YARDLEY who will have become household names by this time.
Each episode of Yardley contains a self contained story plus elements of relationships and situations which develop thought the series.
With low budget production in mind 90% of all episodes can be achieved in studio sets.
Episodes 1-6 constitute series one . There is a single page synopsis available on all episodes which apart from episode six are sixty pages long in Final Draft screenplay. Episode one sets the pace and flavour for the whole series, If you enjoyed Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers you will love Yardley,