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Dead Reckoning. Murder mystery. Think you know who did it? The final twist will make you wonder!

There is little honour amongst thieves in this compelling story of murder, betrayal and revenge. Explicit sexual encounters lead you in one direction but can it be that simple? Jane Bradley witnesses a bank robbery in progress. Running past her, carrying bank bags and guns, the two robbers remove their masks and jump into a waiting car. They are aware that she has seen their faces but will she have the courage?
Seven years later. Vince Crowley is released from prison, having served seven years for armed bank robbery, thanks to evidence given by an eye witness. As Peter Gough, his erstwhile henchman, drives him home Vincent reminds him that they have unfinished business and spits venom at the mention of Jane Bradley. Vince is given a memorable homecoming by Gloria, his beautiful wife who is dressed for action and pouring champagne as he arrives at their house in the countryside. Secluded and adjacent to Epping Forest the house is a perfect location for someone with something to hide! During scenes of unbridled sex Gloria’s revelations and verbal encouragement excite Vince to palpitating levels but he takes note of a couple of comments. Over dinner that evening Gloria advises Vince that Jane Bradley still lives locally and shops at the supermarket every Friday night. Under no account was he to go near her or try to contact her. It was on his trial record that he had loudly voiced his intentions of getting revenge. Upon his return from the pub the following afternoon, Vince fires several questions at Gloria resulting in a massive row. He beats her up and storms out of the house. Gloria is bruised and bleeding as she picks up the phone and arranges to meet a man ‘to organise what they had discussed.' Replacing the receiver she looks at a picture of Vincent and voices her intent to cook his goose once and for all. The following morning Vince drives off to a fishing lodge 30 miles away. He needs to be well away from his house for the next few days. His unfinished business is in hand. Two days later Jane Bradley is found dead in Epping Forest. The previous day James Bradley had returned from a business trip up north having received a text from his wife saying her sister was unwell and that she would be spending the night at her house. The following morning he returns from taking his Range Rover in for a service to find Jane's car in the driveway but no sign of her. He drives her car to the hospital for some blood test. At 4.30 that afternoon he is taken in for questioning. Blood and traces of hair had been found in the boot of her car. Mud from the murder scene was on the tyres. It also transpires that he had requested new tyres to be fitted to his Range Rover as part of its service. He is subsequently arrested and charged with her murder. There is some amusing banter between DCI Freestone and rookie DC Nick Clarke(on his first murder case) as they sift through the evidence and red herrings to establish James Bradley's guilt or innocence.
DEAD RECKONING.Is a small budget production with 95% Studio Settings. Script constitutes 116 pages in Final Draft Screenplay. Author/Playwright Colane is available as director if required. Email: colane@penskills.co.uk for extended synopsis or full script. Mob;07804 236597