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Logline for RECOMMENDED Capture the Flag, Eh? (Possible musical)

It's the 50th Annual Capture the Flag game between Mammoth Heights, USA, and Grebe, Canada. The Canadians have never won (or come close) in 49 years. But when last year's goat, 17-year-old Bobby, is the first Canadian to ever grab the American's flag, it is a wild chase to the finish and, perhaps, the greatest upset in history.

I love stories about underdogs. I remember standing up in the movie theatre when the impossible became a reality in movies such as The Karate Kid or Breaking Away. This family-friendly comedy is uplifting and laugh-out loud hilarious without using the normal obscenities.

The story would lead to upbeat and powerful music about the competition between two countries and the personal goal of one lad to change how he is perceived by his family and community. I can envision grand ensemble numbers, a love song, and one wishing for inner strength. I would be excited to work on it with you.

Capture the Flag, Eh? has received a RECOMMEND coverage rating (top 2%) from WeScreenplay (2020) and the Chicago Screenplay Competition (2021).