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Logline for bank robbery action drama (with a very ironic twist) entitled The Blues

Two teenage sisters help their father and his gang rob banks so that they can raise enough money to escape his criminal lifestyle. The gang doesn't want anyone to leave, but no they risk a showdown with petite 14-year-old Cassie - an expert gunslinger who will defend her sister at any cost.

Halloween. Children trick-or-treat in the local business district. Every store participates, except the local bank, which posts a sign: No Costumes. A blue fairy (Cassie) enters the bank, holding out her trick-or-treat bag. "Trick or Treat!" she innocently says to the guard. The guard begins to explain that they are not participating, but the bank employees implore him to give her some candy. When the guard returns to the child with some candy, he finds himself facing a fairy with two large guns pointing at him. "I said, 'Trick or Treat.'" A group of clowns burst into the bank and the robbery ensues...

Irony plays a great part in dramatic movies. In The Blues, the youngest and smallest member of a gang of brutal bank robbers is also the most-dangerous and feared member within the gang -- and she's a girl. The excitement and danger lasts from the beginning to the final climatic confrontation between Cassie and her father and his gang.

The Blues took top honors at the 2017 Great American Pitchfest Screenplay Competition.

I am currently the lead writer for a movie trilogy for Be Yourself Entertainment.