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LOGLINE: When the residents of an isolated logging settlement stumble across the body of a stranger in the wake of a hurricane, what starts out as a rescue operation turns into a terrifying fight for survival

SYNOPSIS : Brian Mosley, bloodied and naked, stumbles through a forest but collapses before he can find any help. A few miles on lies a small logging settlement occupied by a five-man logging crew led by Jack and his deputy Martin. Jack and his wife Maggie are newly pregnant while Martin’s wife Peggy is an ER nurse and they have a teen daughter Stephanie. The rest of the crew is made up of Marcus and Lloyd (in their prime) and Cole the accountant.
After their settlement suffers the tail-end of a hurricane, Jack and Martin discover Brian in their logging field and rush him back to Peggy. She patches him up as best as she can and when he comes to, he reveals that he and his girlfriend were kidnapped by a murderous family and he managed to escape. Jack and his crew decide to mount a rescue mission to find Brian’s girlfriend and Brian insists on tagging along. Not to alarm their women, they decide not to divulge Brian’s story to them and instead carry on as usual.
When by nightfall there’s no sign of the men and their radios go unanswered, the three women venture out to look for them and come face to face with unimaginable terror.